Cloud IT Services

Cloud computing is a model for enabling on-demand access via the Web to a shared pool of computing resources, including networks, servers, applications and database storage.

These resources can be easily configured and provisioned with minimal effort, making cloud computing convenient and cost-effective.

Many organisations may find it challenging to understand which cloud services are best for their enterprise and how and when they need to migrate to the cloud—if at all.

OceanCyber will help you with your cloud migration journey, recommending various technologies and helping you select the cloud services that are right for your business.

Using Cloud Services to Your Benefit

Increasingly more organisations are transferring to the “Cloud” and taking advantage of the increased convenience, decreased costs, and increased efficiency it brings to organisations. However, what precisely is the “Cloud”? It refers to IT services and applications accessed via the Internet. These can be business software and email services, data storage and online backup, and other fully monitored and delivered from a secure and reliable location. A significant advantage of Cloud Computing is “anywhere, anytime access”- productivity wherever the Internet is obtainable.

How Companies Are Using the Cloud

Organisations use the cloud across many tasks and capabilities, with more applications becoming cloud-based daily.

Two of the most well-known providers are Microsoft and Google, which offer cloud-based productivity software programs and services. These include apps for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations, enterprise email and calendaring services attached to custom domains, and communication tools (such as messaging and video conferencing).

Firms are reducing their exposure to losses from natural disasters and hackers by using cloud backup and recovery services. The cloud is more reliable than other backup methods (such as tapes and disks). It offers the additional benefit of allowing firms to restore lost data at any time from any location.

Virtual desktops separate a computer desktop environment from the physical computer using desktop virtualisation. It uses a client-server model to store a “virtualised” desktop on a remote server in the cloud. Hosted virtual desktops let staff access their desktops from any location and device. This will increase flexibility and boosts productivity.

As the amount of data being created daily proliferates, firms need reliable ways to store and share this information. The cloud provides this ability. IDC predicts that as much as half of the world’s data will reside in the cloud by 2025.

Transferring to the cloud reduces IT capital and operating expenditures. Firms who migrate to the cloud eliminate the necessity to spend money on servers, routers, storage disks, network switches, software and other physical infrastructure they had to pay for when they hosted their applications, storage, networking and compute power themselves.

What Cloud IT Services Does OceanCyber Offer?

OceanCyber offers full support for your cloud journey. We can suggest technologies, assist you in building your budget, and deliver various cloud-based services that meet your business targets.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

You’re likely already acquainted with many SaaS cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce and other line-of-business applications. We help you with product selection, migration, application monitoring and maintenance, security, and more that will help you deploy and integrate new cloud apps into your work environment.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

If you want to eliminate the necessity to purchase and maintain expensive hardware, speak to us about our managed cloud infrastructure services. We transfer some (or all) of your computing components into the OceanCyber cloud, taking care of design, upgrades, maintenance, backups, security and more—so you don’t have to. In addition, our cloud infrastructure platform, Oracle OCI, supplies unmatched reliability and performance to ensure you have a superior experience.

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

OceanCyber’s hosted desktop as a service offers an economical and secure way to ensure all staff are working on the same system with controlled access to the latest data. With a virtual desktop, your employees log in from any device to access applications and data stored and managed within the cloud. Because this service is priced per user, you never have to worry about upgrades or maintenance (including a 24×7 support desk). In addition, this relieves you from end-user management.

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Data Center Hosting

Also known as virtual server hosting, OceanCyber’s state-of-the-art data centres securely house your servers, storage and other networking equipment. We provide a range of hosting options, including co-location for many who have in-house IT resources and want to manage and maintain their servers. We also offer managed co-location in our information centre for those who have their hardware but wish to make the most of OceanCyber’s technical expertise.

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Cloud Security

Most public cloud providers offer an extremely secure environment. However, they can’t protect you when your data leaves the cloud to interact with your other systems. Employee mishaps, such as stolen log-in credentials and unintended deletions, are the most common ways cloud data is compromised. Get in touch to find out how we can help you reduce your risk with our cloud security services.

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Cloud Storage

There are many kinds of cloud storage, ranging from public storage services such as Dropbox and iCloud to private cloud services, which restrict who has access to the hardware and software. OceanCyber offers multiple cloud storage options for every type of business. Please discuss with our cloud consultants to assist in figuring out your business requirements.

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Backup and Data Recovery

Successful cloud backup and recovery is the foundation for proper disaster recovery and business continuity. This begins with a combined on-premises and cloud-based solution that lets you keep working regardless of the type of disaster. However, not all data backup and disaster recovery solutions are alike. OceanCyber offers a hybrid solution with fast, complete system restores, straightforward recovery of individual files, and limitless off-site data protection with prompt failover

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