Microsoft 365 Consulting & Managed Services

Microsoft 365 is the most popular business productivity platform on this planet, providing industry-leading apps combined with intelligent cloud services and world-class security.

  • Are your people and teams using Microsoft 365 to its fullest?
  • Are you benefiting from every feature to enhance efficiency, collaboration and security?
  • Do you need help migrating to Microsoft 365 and learning all the new options?
  • Do you have the resources you need to manage and support the platform on an ongoing basis?

Like many firms, you’ve only mastered a small portion of everything Microsoft 365 can do and don’t have the time or resources to manage both strategy or the day-to-day complexity of your Microsoft environment.

OceanCyber can assist you in changing that.
As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), our IT specialists can help you get the most out of your Microsoft implementation, guiding your digital transformation to this powerful platform and opening up more prospects for your business.

  • Improved productiveness and enhanced collaboration for your teams
  • Secure remote access to Microsoft 365 apps and firm content
  • Automated updates and routine software maintenance
  • Proactive security, performance and cost management of your licenses
  • 24x7x365 support desk for your customers and administrators
  • Expert consultants to develop your Microsoft 365 strategy

Microsoft 365 is today’s most complete and secure cloud productivity and collaboration solution. Integrated tools such as Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 Business Voice and built-in security features mean that your staff can efficiently and securely collaborate across the organisation, from anywhere and on any device.

However, many firms invest in Microsoft 365, migrate their e-mail, and then only dabble with a few other applications on an as-needed basis without understanding or taking advantage of the power of the entire platform. If you’re confused by the variety of Microsoft 365 applications and need help choosing and using the optimal set of apps for your business, we can help.

Our Microsoft 365 Services and Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Start on the right foot by putting the correct strategy in place. Our Microsoft 365 consultants can assist you in making this robust cloud solution an integral part of your digital environment, providing advisory and technical support as required.

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Migration and Implementation

Moving from legacy platforms to cloud-based Microsoft 365 shouldn’t be a headache. Whenever you’re ready to take full advantage of Microsoft 365’s benefits, we can assist you in successfully planning and transferring your systems and content.

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Customization and Integration

We can tailor your Microsoft 365 solution to your specific environment and employee preferences, including integrating the Microsoft 365 suite tools and your existing business environment.

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Security & Compliance

Security has become much more sophisticated with the unprecedented rise in cyber-attacks and the trend of remote working. We can assist you in simplifying compliance and managing threats by using M365 built-in security features and other security options.

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Digital Literacy Employee Training

Many companies are transferring their data and applications from on-premises data facilities to private or public clouds to reduce costs, improve security, and build redundancy. Our IT consultancy helps you develop the proper cloud migration technique, including having suitable cloud security. We take you through the pros and cons, help you evaluate cloud providers, calculate costs, and then implement a plan to ensure a successful cloud migration project.

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Cloud License and Account Management

As a Cloud Service Provider, we officially resell Microsoft 365 licenses with a price advantage. We also help consolidate billing by combining costs for the cloud licenses and OceanCyber’s managed services into a single bill to satisfy your business requirements.

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