Six Protection, Safe And Durable

Shockproof, low temperature resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-static, anti-magnetic, anti-X-ray.

8 Key Technologies

Ensure that all products are compatible with the system or family of systems they are designed to use.

Dynamic Heat Protection

Maintains ideal operating speeds in special environments at high and low temperatures.

High Speed Read And Write Performance

Optimize for Windows system, let you experience the joy of instant boot.

Traditional Mechanical Hard Disk Upgrade Preferred

Traditional mechanical hard drives are required to maintain the rotation of the discs for thousands of revolutions, which requires continuous energy consumption and generates noise and heat.

High Reliability And High Performance For A Storage Media

The SSD doesn’t have any moving parts such as platter (disk) and head media. It provides a better solution in a notebook PC and tablet PC as a storage device providing higher performance, reduced latency and a low power consumption.

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