• Four times faster than hard drives – Thanks to excellent performance and ultra-fast write and write speeds, GX2 hard drives are four times faster than traditional hard drives. It accelerates application start time, stop time, and response time. The best products are of course the ones that replace traditional hard drives.
  • High performance SATA III 6Gbps transfer interface. Read / write speeds of 530/430MB / s for more efficient data transfer performance. It also provides low energy consumption and a quiet operating experience. The best choice for updating computers and laptops.
  • Low energy consumption with long-term use – Supports a new generation of energy saving technologies: DevSleep. The power consumption is very low. When the computer goes to sleep, the SATA interface is cut off. It can save more energy and extend battery life.
  • Reliable and reliable – the GX2 SSD drive offers garbage collection, wear technology, ECC (Error Correction Code) functions, SMART and TRIM functions to ensure operational efficiency and hard disk status monitoring, maintain optimal performance of compatible operating systems and extend the life of SSDs.
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