Falling Behind on IT Upgrades and Maintenance

As a proud community financial institution with six regional offices and plans for continued progress in the future, Home State Bank discovered itself struggling to keep up with the IT needs of a rising financial services company.
Four internal IT employees covered all bases, from daily troubleshooting to network engineering projects. There was little time for any future planning, and all the IT infrastructure was functioning on a break-fix basis. It was clear that this bottleneck couldn’t continue.



Using a Managed Services Provider To Enhance IT Efficiency

The Financial institution reached out to Oceancyber to discover how we could assist bring the organization up to current technology standards. The internal staff already had its hands full on many other tasks, upgrading the business to a fibre network.
For starters, Oceancyber improved each user to a secure Microsoft Office 365, which allows multiple security protocols crucial in a banking environment and redesigns all the internal networks.
“We invested in the technology to bring the performance up. However, we have been missing a partner who could help us monitor and provide technical depth.”


Co-Managed IT Helped Future-Proof IT Infrastructure

Co-managed IT has allowed the Financial institution to function more effectively by outsourcing routine IT services and retaining internal IT talent to manage essential projects such as advanced Line of Business applications.
Indeed, moving to cloud services was a promising move. However, it might have been difficult for the Financial institution to survive the remote working conditions forced upon us in 2020 if their previous infrastructure was still in place.
The company continues to develop, including internal IT employees to keep up with special projects and counting on Oceancyber for core infrastructure services and IT experience to maintain the organization up-to-date and track for success.

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