Cyberattacks, hard drive crashes, and liquid spills on computers are some methods that can result in data loss. It’s one of the many roles of an IT manager to safeguard the data against such disasters.

If you’re also an IT manager at a small business trying to protect data, you can invest in a backup software solution. Backup software will enable you to create a backup of all of your information and will securely store it in an offsite location. This tool encrypts your data even before the backup has been taken. This ensures your data is only readable to you, and also you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

In this article, we have highlighted the top 10 backup software options that may help you keep your data secure. These products (listed alphabetically) have been selected from our backup software FrontRunners report, in response to our methodology specified here.

1. Altaro VM Backup: Offers several data restore options

Notable features: Backup log, Capacity management, Encryption
Altaro VM Backup is a virtual machine (VM) backup and replication software solution. It means that you can install and run your virtual machine backup in less than a quarter-hour. You can use this device to replicate VMs to a remote site.

This backup device allows you to create a backup of your VMs every 5 minutes. You can also retailer backup copies of your VMs in multiple offsite locations such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, or your offsite servers.

With this device, you possibly can create schedules for the software solution to automatically create backups. Furthermore, this backup software gives you several options for restoring data. You’ll be able to restore VMs or files and emails fully or restore from several points in time instead of the most recently backed-up version.
Altaro VM Backup is a web-based application. It gives support by way of a knowledge base, FAQs, email, chat, and phone calls.

2. Backblaze: Extends backup protection to workforce computers
Notable features: Backup scheduling, Steady backup, Incremental backup
Backblaze is a backup and storage software solution. It helps you safeguard your organization techniques with data backup for Veeam, servers, network attached storage (NAS), and workstations.

This device gives protection against natural disasters, accidental deletion, and data loss. Its ransomware protection prevents ransomware from encrypting or deleting backed-up data. Apart from that, the tool allows immediate download of saved data to prevent downtime or offline days.

You can use this device to increase backup protection to workforce computers. You can invite your employees to your Backblaze account and allow them to create a backup of their Mac and Windows PCs so that their computers can be protected.
Backblaze is a web-based solution with desktop functions for Mac and Windows PCs and mobile functions for iOS and Android mobile devices. It provides help by way of a knowledge base, FAQs, email, chat, and cellphone calls.

3. BackupVault: Encrypts data to make it unreadable

Notable features: Backup scheduling, Cloud backup, Differential recovery
BackupVault is a backup technique that protects your data by encrypting it and sending it to an offsite server. In this manner, your data is protected against threats such as natural disasters, {hardware} issues, or ransomware.

This backup device helps you again up data from remote systems, files, emails, data servers, and operating systems, in addition to from Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. In case of a disaster, this tool allows you to benefit from its InstantData function, which provides you access to your data even before a restore has been completed.

This device encrypts all of your information using the 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES). The data is encrypted using an encryption key that is known only to you, and the content of the data stays unreadable without the correct password.
BackupVault is a web-based platform with desktop functions for Windows and Mac PCs. It provides support by way of a knowledge base, FAQs, email, and phone calls.

4. Cohesity: Isolates data for added data protection

Notable features: Backup scheduling, Compression, Customer Database
Cohesity is a data management device that includes backup and disaster recovery options. It helps defend data spread on the cloud, SaaS, and on-premise.
This device encrypts data with a versatile encryption key managed by you. Its ransomware recovery function defends data against ransomware attacks with AI-based threat detection. The tool assesses the impression of the threat and accelerates the recovery process.
For added security, this data management tool isolates data by creating multiple copies of it and storing them away from core attack surfaces which are vulnerable to ransomware attacks.
Cohesity is a web-based device. It gives support by way of a knowledge base, email, chat, and phone calls.

5. Datto SIRIS: Protects data from any form of disaster

Notable features: Backup and recovery, Backup scheduling, Steady backup

Datto SIRIS is a backup software device that helps defend data and applications that live on local servers, end-user computers, and SaaS applications. It automates the backup process and shops information locally within the Datto cloud, which is geographically distributed for safety.

This device has a built-in ransomware scanner that detects possible ransomware infections as part of the backup course. Regardless of the kind of disaster, i.e., ransomware, corrupted or deleted files, server meltdown, this device means that you can restore servers and files to working order as its Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) model facilitates partial or full recovery in the cloud.
Datto SIRIS is a web-based platform. It provides help by way of a knowledge base, chat, email, and phone calls.

6. G Cloud: Backs up and protects mobile phone data

Notable features: Backup scheduling, Cloud backup, Encryption

G Cloud is a mobile cloud backup solution that helps you again up and protects your mobile phone’s data, such as SMS messages, contacts, call logs, documents, images, music, and movies. It backs up and stores your data on Amazon AWS Cloud and gives military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

This device allows you to again up several units using just one user account. You can use this application to migrate call logs, contacts, messages, or media to any Android or iOS device.

You’ll be able to set up your data chronologically in a single location for easy access. This device also allows you to access and share your files immediately from the cloud.
G Cloud is a web-based device with applications for iOS and Android mobile units. It gives help via email.

7. Keepit: Helps pinpoint changes with difference reporting

Notable features: Backup and recovery, Cloud backup, Disaster recovery

Keepit is a backup software program that helps protect your cloud data throughout your SaaS services. You can use this device to protect data from applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 CE, and Google Workspace.

This device allows you to access your data anytime because it creates four backup copies which are stored in two separate vendor-neutral locations. Its difference reporting feature helps you compare data to pinpoint specific changes or deletions.

Keepit makes use of blockchain-based technology to ensure your backups are secure from ransomware and data loss. This tool also helps you stay compliant with regulatory demands such as GDPR requirements.

Keepit is a web-based platform with applications for iOS and Android mobile devices. It gives support by way of a knowledge base, email, chat, and phone calls.

8. NinjaOne: Supports incremental block-level backup

Notable features: Anti-virus, Compliance management, Deployment management

NinjaOne is an IT administration device that includes the features of backup and data recovery software. It gives you flexible backup choices, together with image backup, document or folder backup, and Windows and macOS backup. It additionally gives you cloud-only, local-only, and hybrid storage options.

This backup tool allows you to back up and get well servers fully. It permits you to automate backup for Windows servers and notifies you if something goes wrong. You can use this device to protect your remote workers without a VPN.

NinjaOne supports incremental block-level backup. It means that after performing a full backup, it identifies adjustments to individual files and backs up only the parts of those files that have been changed.

NinjaOne is a web-based tool with functions for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs and Android and iOS mobile devices. It gives support via a knowledge base, FAQs, email, chat, and phone calls.

9. Skyvia: Supports customizable data replication

Notable features: Cloud backup, Compression, Data extraction
Skyvia is data integration, management, connectivity, and backup software solution. It helps you automate information collection from disparate cloud sources such as Salesforce and QuickBooks and transfer business data between cloud apps.

With this tool, you can monitor your backup and see data changes between backups. For data safety functions, Skyvia stores your data in a secure Azure Geo-redundant storage (GRS) and transmits it in encrypted form so that only you’ll be able to access your data.

The data replication feature of this tool allows you to replicate data and choose what you want to keep in the cloud. You can either replicate everything or only records matching certain situations, such as data together with or excluding specific values or fields.
Skyvia is a web-based tool with applications for Mac and Windows PCs. It gives help via a knowledge base, FAQs, chat, e mail, and phone calls.

10. SyncBackPro: Keeps previous files safe with file versioning
Notable features: Audit trail, Backup log, Cloud backup
SyncBackPro is a backup software solution that helps back up, synchronize, and restore data files. You can use this device to create backup schedules and set rules for conditions such as what should happen if a file has been changed, deleted, or added.

This backup tool helps all major cloud storage services, including Amazon S3, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Microsoft OneDrive. It helps save huge quantities of storage space by allowing you to copy and store just the changes made to a file.

SyncBackPro supports file versioning. It means you can specify what number of versions of a file you want to maintain and for how long so that you don’t lose old copies of backed-up files.
SyncBackPro is supported on Windows PCs. It gives support via a knowledge base, FAQs, and e mail.

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