Nonprofit IT Price range Way Too High

A large nonprofit organization in the UK was caught in a cycle of maintaining an outdated and expensive IT infrastructure.
It was not until a new CFO joined the team and took a closer look at what the organization was spending on IT that they realized how much their finances had become uncontrolled.

They partnered with Oceancyber to evaluate and see what could be done to scale back their IT spending and enhance outdated systems with lackluster performance.


Shifting To More Efficient Business Technology

Though the {hardware} and software program the group had in place had been working superb for years, it was overly complicated for the job that wanted to be finished.
There have been layers of {hardware} and software in place, including multiple third-party functions from different vendors, all with expensive maintenance and support contracts.

In addition, the older technology was difficult and frustrating for workers to use, which resulted in individuals discovering their own “workarounds” and downloading free apps to finish the job – not ideal from a security point of view.

After a thorough audit, Oceancyber peeled back the excess built up and changed it with newer and simpler technology. Oceancyber’s IT Services team helped the nonprofit organization migrate off outdated technology and leverage new cloud services that had been much more cost-effective, easier to use and far more secure.


Changing Outdated Technology Brings Massive Savings

We often see companies maintaining outdated systems and paying for resources they simply aren’t using.
It’s simple to drift into this model, but technology changes fast. As a result, it often pays to conduct a third-party IT audit to evaluate the efficiency of existing systems.

Within the case of this nonprofit, their annual IT budget was cut from over a million {dollars} to about $370,000, drastically reducing their spending on software, {hardware} and ultimately headcount by migrating to cloud-based services.

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