In your current job, what tech tools do you find most useful?
Apart from the tools that assist me in organizing myself, corresponding to Outlook, One Notice, and One Drive, I like tools that enable communication. My newest passion is Teams. It’s the easiest way to connect with my team and associates and to easily share documents and photos.

Skype is also very helpful for a quick chat or a video call, especially when I’m working remotely: it helps the staff feel like we’re still physically together, so we don’t break our stride how we manage internal communications in a user-friendly manner, because it allows us to have different teams and work streamlines. And, of course, I couldn’t do my job without LinkedIn, where I discover new talent and am able to reach out to my skilled network.


How has technology transformed how you work?
I would spend lots of time doing things that I can do now in a heartbeat. Sending files, discovering information about someone or something: all this was very time-consuming, and it was stressful to maintain track of everything.

I had to depend on to-do lists and maintain everything in mind all the time. Now I know that even when I forget a meeting or a piece of data, I can easily retrieve it or be reminded about it.

Outside of work, what technologies are important to how you live?
Technology is one thing I use 24/7. It helps me profit from my time, so I can achieve all my goals. I couldn’t live without my smartphone; I could do everything I needed from it.
I have a wide range of apps: for working out, checking the weather and the traffic, managing my bank account, or booking travel and trips. I’m at all times on the move, so I depend on online maps a lot.

I like to share special moments with friends and family through social media, and I try to carve out time for my private development by using learning and meditation tools. And of course, I can use my phone to take nice photos too!


What one piece of advice do you have for individuals using technology every day?
Using technology is all about being more productive and freeing up time for what really matters: your private life and your relationships. If this is not the case, then something is wrong, and it is advisable to rethink how you’re using technology. This brings us to a second but related piece of advice: at all times, have a power bank with you!


What does the way forward for technology look like to you?
Technology is the only way to save our planet. Things like artificial intelligence or analytic tools are very important to optimize the use of resources like water, energy and food. Technology will play a huge position in giving individuals access to vital resources in real-time – such as doctor consultations delivered over the internet. This is important to reduce inequality.

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