How Much Does A Website Cost


How Much Does A Website Cost: Website Costs will differ. 

It needs to be more attainable to provide an excellent start line for the costs of designing a website. It varies drastically depending on the type of website you wish to create.
What should be thought of in the price of a website

When designing a website, three elementary classes determine a website’s preliminary prices: design, performance/improvement, and storage. Then, three significant prices come into play later; the price of the area, the domain name, and website hosting. The following paragraph will discuss the estimated fees for a medium e-commerce enterprise to run a website.

Website Prices

Each enterprise might want to have funds for the initial prices in design. The company might have a custom resolution to ensure the website’s functionality. The entire website cost would bring it close to $2000. The average price would range within $1750, with just a few stock photos adding $150.

Content material

If we assume that the business has a writer? Writing ought to be comparatively mild. With the average wage for writers around $48,474 per year, dividing that by the number of weekdays in a yr and dividing that by the average workday, we get an hourly fee of $20 – $50 per hour. We will assume that it will take at least two days to complete the complete fundamental writing, meaning the fee to jot down the website’s content material could be $350 and upwards. The business would possibly decide to place the website through high-quality checks. The beginning price to do that by a company is $100 per web page. Based mainly on a 5-page website, the total value of the website is now $2500 plus., however with proper cuts, this may be reduced.


The website’s performance would differ depending on the kind of business, and the website wanted. After all, there could also be different prices if a website has points that should be correct. For instance, an integrated e-commerce answer with present systems might cost hundreds of dollars. However, if a regular CMS (Content Administration system) is used with the fundamentals and little customisation, it might minimise the fee.

The non-initial Web site Value of Improvement

Website prices may get carried over later, mainly once they go live. These may include:

  1. Price of space. Suppose we assume that the enterprise uses a dedicated server where the essential 42U rack has a square—footage of 28.92 ft. We can double that and think it takes up the entire space since Accra’s average annual lease per sq. foot is $43.40. We will then multiply the sq. footage taken up by the server, 57.84 sq. ft, by the lease price. The property price to run a server for a year is around $2509.9, higher than most cities would cost, which can be the whole for the non-initial prices. Rather than not having your server, you can use internet hosting corporations where the internet is hosting ranges from around $100 plus per year. The average for the nation is $ 1343.6232, nearly half the fee.
  2. The non-initial price is the domain name. We will assume that the enterprise would use a brand new domain name, making the yearly price around $12.50. The first year of operating the website is now $2522.40.
  3. The next non-initial price is hosting. Suppose it has already been established {that a} dedicated server is being run. In that case, it prices around $1200 if we go by the average price of electrical energy in Ghana, ¢12 per kilowatt-hour, $662.3 a year. However, in Accra, electrical power is around ¢0.6 cents lower than the average, ¢11.4 per kilowatt-hour. The yearly cost of operating a server in Accra is $1166.8, and a non-initial total is $3722.4.

What’s the total Web site Price?
We can now calculate by combining the non-initial and initial prices, making the entire price for the first year of a website run about $7198.79. It’s a relatively excessive price tag. However, it is only a little high for a medium enterprise. On the other hand, this might be a considerable investment for small businesses, and the best choice can be to go for a 3rd party to do the work.

What concerns the potential cuts from earlier?

With many cuts, it could reduce the total to around $250 for the first year. If you decide to design the website, content writing and renting a shared server is an alternative to operating a dedicated one.

Bringing down a Website Price – Is the price worth it?

It’s only value having a dedicated server if your enterprise generates the revenue to assist with the expense. An alternative could be to go for third-party distributors. So the ultimate website prices for a small business will range from around $2000. Ocean Cyber will work with you to keep website prices low. We will build a plan based on your price range. We have experience in WordPress development and have been creating, sustaining, and strategically carrying out online advertising and marketing since 2010. Call us at +233242565695, and we’ll provide you with the special website price needed for your business to get online.

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